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Understanding search results

Document name

The first line of the result is the name of the document found.

Text below the document name

This text is an excerpt from the returned result document showing your query terms bolded. These excerpts let you see the context in which your search keywords appear in the document, before you click on the result.

Location of result

This is the physical location of the returned result document.


This number is the size of the found document.


This number is the date the found document was created on.

Result pages

By default, the program returns ten results on each result page. If more than ten search results occur, the results are split into multiple pages; ten results on each page. The result pages are displayed on the bottom of the program window. The number in bold indicates the page you are currently viewing.

To navigate to previous or next result page, click on the <<Previous or Next>> link accordingly. To navigate to a specific result page, simply click on its number.

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